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About Us

In every great story, the main character goes through significant change which impacts their fortune.

That is a pivotal twist. And that’s our specialty.

The early days

Fresh out of university, we were actors, writers, and directors. We cut our teeth on storytelling and performance. And every time we started a production, part of the excitement was bringing people together to do their best work.

then we pivoted

We spent the next two decades coaching and consulting in business. You’d think that’s a far cry from our beginnings. But it was the opposite. Our facility with the narrative arts was the perfect lens to support leaders in professional and organizational growth. And we flourished.

“Storytelling doesn’t mean you go into other peoples world. It means you bring them into yours.”

— Henry Joseph-Grant

in 2018, we came together to form pivotal twist.

To help organizations see better bottom lines with a culture that thrives.
To help team members stretch and grow to become the best version of themselves.
To help extraordinary leaders tap hidden potential within themselves and their talent.

Today: Endless Potential

Our team has 15 associates across three continents. Each is experienced with coaching & training alongside a theatrical/storytelling background.

We are proud to bring a unique perspective to talent management and organizational development.

The Principals

sean Perlmutter


Call it extreme curiosity, ants-in-my-pants, or a magnetic pull away from the mainstream, I’ve told stories of Change for as long as I can remember.

As a young man, it inspired me to make edgy work on-stage and on-camera. And since 2000, it’s driven me to help clients like Disney Consumer Products, Xperi, and Centex Homes with an unconventional perspective.

My first word was “zelf”, as in “I’ll try it myzelf.” Eternal discovery mode was turned on early. #PursueTheNew

henry caplan


I have been a certified speaker & leadership coach for 20 years, helping leaders identify, embrace, and expand their big ideas for maximum impact. My clients include Credit Suisse, Pernot Ricard USA, Dell, and KPMG.

I got my start in acting, directing, and filmmaking after graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. And I continue to apply that experience to my work today.

My first job at ten years old was magician at birthday parties and I haven’t given up on my dream of spontaneous levitation. I’m sure this will be my year!


Director of Programs and Outreach

I specialize in creating meaningful experiences that help employees connect with their organization’s mission, its leadership, and their fellow colleagues. I was the Employee Experience Lead at Bridgewater Associates for over a decade, tasked with  responsibility of “caring for the souls of the people”.

In my past life I was a director and producer in the theatre having worked on Broadway, the National Theatre of London and many regional theaters across America.

In my free time I create videos of my German Shepherd singing the National Anthem.
















Experiential learning is really important.
We don’t talk at you. We talk with you, roleplay with you, practice with you.
Building community is part of everything.
We build psychological safety into every interaction so connection and collaboration is easy.
Embracing creativity comes naturally.
Yeah, we know. It’s in our blood. But we’re not alone. Painting outside the lines brings all sorts of delights.
Actions become habits.
EOD, the rubber meets the road where thoughts become actions. Turn them into habits and the road becomes a freeway to success. We make the work practical.
Have a great time.
Really. Work is fun with the right perspective. Your smile is priceless. Find reasons to flash it.


A team.

A goal.

A story bringing them together.

When I met Sean, I had the need to shape something effective out of my entertainment background and my entrepreneurial desires. I had productions in various stages of development that were ready to sell but I knew that, altogether, something was missing. Fortunately, he helped turn things around.

Sean helped align my brand, products, and expertise with my personal mission, which gave me a leg up on the competition and resonated with my audience. I used his ideas for getting more remarkable to greatly improve my pitch and strengthen my core value proposition. And I quickly became a fan of his uncommon marketing strategies.

Now I’m excited to pitch Netflix on a portfolio of productions that promote strong, young women.

I’m a better leader – with a stronger, more compelling brand – because of Sean and his team. He’s great at pushing the envelope just enough so you stand out authentically and memorably. Recommended!

Jessi Harrison

Justastic Entertainment

When I started, I had one dental practice that was no different than any other. It was hard to get new patients, stand out from the competition, and grow. But Sean changed everything.

Now I own eight practices operating as Total Health Dental Care and we’re still growing.

I highly recommend Sean Perlmutter and his team. For entrepreneurs and thought leaders seeking an unfair advantage, he helps shape your endeavors so you become notably preeminent.

Dr. Sepand Hokmabadi

Founder, Total Health Dental Care

During my 15+ years practicing medicine, I’ve had the good fortune to be invited to speak at medical symposium and to patient groups. It became painfully clear to me that while medical school trained me to speak to individual patients, it did not prepare me to speak to small and large groups of people.

Fortunately, I met and worked with Henry, who identified simple and actionable modifications that transformed my lectures into informative, attention-grabbing, and powerful presentations that left both me and my audience inspired and wanting more.

Henry is a wordsmith and storyteller, and he taught me how to become one as well. Thank you, Henry!

Dr. Jeff Morrison

Founder, Morrison Health

I have had the great pleasure of working with Henry as an executive coach focusing on presentation and communication skills – specifically crafting a message with impact and creating presence under pressure.

Henry had an excellent rapport and quickly gauged the areas I needed to isolate and improve. He made our coaching sessions highly interactive and fun; and has delivered some powerful changes in my delivery.

I recommend Henry for his passion, attention to detail and clarity; this is in addition to his skill to demystify the communication process and provide concrete action steps that continue to be invaluable to my professional achievements.

Also, his flexibility regarding my personal and work schedules worked ideally for me. Moreover, he impressed me with his overall expertise on content and delivery and direct personal approach to bring out my best efforts. Our work together proved to be a major factor in my success in presenting my message with clarity, confidence and acumen to large groups – often through televised and public testimony.

Donald G.

NYC Small Business Services

Let’s Twist

Reach out if you’re ready for the next chapter in your story.

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