We’ve Made An Acquisition!

Some people exemplify all that is honorable, talented, wise, and immensely skilled. Bob Wiesner starts with these qualities and goes even further. As someone who’s been a coach, team trainer, and consultant for more than two decades, serving industries like Advertising, Professional Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality, Bob has a refined, warm, extremely effective approach to his work that has kept his clients returning for more.

So we are enormously excited to announce the acquisition of his company, Wiesner Consulting Group (WCG).

The alignment between WCG and Pivotal Twist is a thing of beauty.
  • We think alike. Bob’s company, like ours, is very comfortable pushing boundaries and expanding capabilities.
  • We act alike. Bob’s work has always been about supporting others to change and grow. That’s our M.O., too.
  • We serve alike. Bob provides the most value in the most engaging ways, which is right up our alley.
  • We talk alike. Bob serves his clients with empathy, enthusiasm, and flexibility. Needless to say, we adore that perspective. 
In acquiring WCG, our mission is to serve his clients with the same level of expertise, energy, and humor.
If you are a WCG client, drop us a line. We’re excited to meet you and discuss being a part of your success.

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