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Improv your intro
a fun way to craft your personal introduction

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Get loose, have fun, and improvise your way to an outstanding introduction.

Wednesday, October 23rd, 7-10:00 PM

JPG@The Bank, 3525 Mt. Diablo Road Lafayette, California 94549


What makes this night special?

We know the elevator pitch is a necessary tool in every professional’s pocket.

But before that’s even possible, you have to connect with someone. Strongly connect.

Grab-their-attention-so-they-lean-in-with-intrigue connect.

Because a firm handshake and Hi, my name is… will only get you so far.

Whether you’re at networking events, conferences, trade shows, or meeting people informally, a compelling introduction makes a lasting impression.

What to expect:

Crafting your introduction is what tonight is all about. 

You’ll get out of your seat, and your routine, to hone your intro with guided improvisation. It’s a fun workshop where you’ll explore things like:

What makes you unique

Projecting confidence

Communicating authentically

How passion gets expressed

Making surprise your X factor

Finding commonality

The art of listening

Flexing your spontaneity muscle

Crafting a personal brand statement

Expect good energy, a fun group, and a non-judgmental playground where you can try new ideas.




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