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the art of leadership:
creative ways to fuel growth

An evening of talks for founders, entrepreneurs, and organization leaders.

May 22, 6:30-9:30 PM

JPG@The Bank, 3525 Mt. Diablo Road Lafayette, California 94549


What makes this night special?

We live in a noisy world where it’s increasingly difficult to compete for attention and mindshare.

There’s little debate that things like a subscriber list or content marketing are important for growth. But to rise above the noise, today’s leaders need to think and act differently – creatively – to make the kind of lasting impact they desire. This event will share those ideas, strategies, and tactics.


6:30-7:00PM Networking. Light snacks and beverages provided.
7:00-8:00PM Speakers
8:00-8:30PM Break. Networking.
8:30-9:30PM Speakers

Hosted by

Sean Perlmutter
Founding Partner, Pivotal Twist

The mission of the The Art of Leadership: Creative Ways to Fuel Growth is to share ideas and inspiration that benefit you and your organization.

Talks will illuminate unusual, inventive methods that foster growth, which is loosely defined as greater brand awareness, lead acquisition, better sales, improved company culture, impactful leadership, etc. The creative ways of fueling that growth, however, are narrowly defined as methods that cannot be found with simple online searches.

These are not best practices. They are special practices.

May they be thoroughly effective in your success.

The Speakers

Kal Deutsch: Executive Vice President of Global Kinetics

The Art of Disruptive Innovation: Observe, Listen and Imagine

People love the disruptive innovators, like Uber, AirBnB, Netflix and others, that have profoundly shaped our 21st century lives. However, disruption does not just magically happen; mostly all successful market launches were the result of a long journey of discovery and epiphany. Silicon Valley has mastered that journey with a wide variety of tools critical for customer discovery and value proposition identification, including tools likes Design Thinking and the Business Model Canvas. Kal Deutsch shows how these readily-available tools allow any business to master the art of Disruptive Innovation.

Roxanne Christophe: Founder/CEO of Girls Crushing It

How Social Movements Spark Category Creation and Product Extension Opportunities

It has been said that smart leaders start movements.  In this talk, Christophe will flip the lens to discuss how a social movement can spark category creation or product extension opportunities for an organization.  She will discuss how to identify and plug into trending social movements with well-timed offerings geared towards an already-activated audience.

Stephen de Zordo: Founder/Executive Creative Director, Deckhand

The Rebel’s Guide to Market Leadership – Never Underestimate Relationships

From partnerships to employees, vendors to customers, relationships matter now, more than ever…and can be a breaking (or breakout) point for any business! Building on over three decades of experience as a professional athlete, award winning toy inventor and successful design entrepreneur, Stephen de Zordo will share a personal journey and real-life learnings about the importance of building lasting internal and external relationships.

Murray Brozinsky: Chief Strategy Officer, Conversa Health

Questions Will Be The New Answers

Once upon a time, great leaders were those that had gut instinct for the right answers. As the world became awash in information, “gut” gave way to “data-driven” answers, which transformed the “art of leadership” into the “science of leadership”. As we move into the brave new world of AI, answers will become abundant and inexpensive commodities. The scarce resource – and the secret to growth and success – will increasingly be asking the right questions. Murray will talk about this tectonic shift, however he’s more likely to leave you with more questions than answers.

Jennifer Perlmutter: Founder, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

New Currencies – Growing Your Business Through Public Benefit

Public benefit programs and community partnerships help to build a better local atmosphere for business and residents. But most don’t know how they pay off in brand awareness, audience-building, and revenue for the organizations driving those initiatives. Perlmutter discusses how this twist in perspective opens up growth opportunities and, specifically, led to a pop-up art gallery in Lafayette’s most visible commercial property.

Henry Caplan: Founding Partner, Pivotal Twist

Speaking with Remarkable Presence and How Your Brand Benefits

Standing out with something worth sharing is vital for leaders. Actors pursue the same goal. This talk will uncover some of their techniques and how you can apply them. Discover the pivotal steps to communicating with impact. Create memorability and great word-of-mouth with authenticity, passion, and surprise. And learn how doing so benefits you and your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the night.

How much are tickets?

$25 plus the Eventbrite fee

What's your refund policy?

Refunds are available until May 14.

What's the story behind the venue?

JPG@The Bank is a pop-up gallery/event space run by Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery. It used to be Wells Fargo and, before that, World Bank.

What are transpo/parking options?

The venue is walking distance from the Lafayette BART station. Street parking is available.

Is this a networking event?

A little. This is mainly about industry professionals educating and inspiring you to grow your endeavor. But during the first thirty minutes and intermission we encourage networking.

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