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Stand Out with Something Worth Sharing

In a crowded marketplace with countless stories jostling for mindshare, there’s only one way to capture attention and turn it into formidable growth.


That’s why we formed Pivotal Twist.

To help you outshine the competition with something worth talking about.

Standing out gets you noticed

But if you want more than that

— the smiling-with-delight, can’t-wait-to-tell-their-friends, eager-to-be-your-lifelong-customer kind —

you need remarkability. And that’s our specialty.

Sean helped align my brand, products, and expertise with my personal mission, which gave me a leg up on the competition and resonated with my audience. I used his ideas for getting more remarkable to greatly improve my pitch and strengthen my core value proposition. {Read More}

Jessi Harrison

Founder, Justastic Entertainment

I highly recommend Sean Perlmutter and his team. For entrepreneurs and thought leaders seeking an unfair advantage, he helps shape your endeavors so you become notably preeminent. {Read More}

Dr. Sepand Hokmabadi

Founder, Total Health Dental Care

Fortunately, I met and worked with Henry, who identified simple and actionable modifications that transformed my lectures into informative, attention-grabbing, and powerful presentations that left both me and my audience inspired and wanting more. {Read More}

Dr. Jeff Morrison

Founder, Morrison Health

Henry impressed me with his overall expertise on content and delivery and direct personal approach to bring out my best efforts. Our work together proved to be a major factor in my success in presenting my message with clarity, confidence and acumen to large groups. {Read More}

Donald G.

NYC Small Business Services

How We Help

Speaker Coaching

The best way to inspire people to action is talking to them.


Your story is told through every interaction with your audience.



What you share with the world helps people know, like, and trust you.

How You Benefit

Word of Mouth

When more people talk about you and your brand, you get more leads. More subscribers. And more sales. It also means more repeat buyers with greater lifetime value.

Less Competition

The more remarkable you are, the harder it is for competitors to match up. Do it right and you could be not only the best, but the only choice.

Better Brand Awareness

Leave the crowds of uniformity and more people will notice you. Naturally.

Happier, More Loyal Fans

Defy expectations and delight your audience. But only if you want them to stick around, buy your goods, and feel great about doing so.

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