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Be enthralling

Communicate to earn trust. Inspire others. And create exceptional value.

We use best practices from theatre and film joined with decades of experience serving corporate clients. You get lasting, effective guidance with priceless benefits.


Strengthen Connection

Effective expression improves social bonding.

Boost Productivity

Clear, inspiring ideas motivate the best work.

Achieve Your Goals

Win sales, earn investment, and make your mark.


Presenting with Presence

A framework for communicating with passion, confidence, and clarity.

Storytelling for Impact

Why and how to use stories for clarity, memorability, and emotional connections.

Mastering Virtual Communication

A toolkit for looking and sounding your best in virtual environments.

The Audacity to Ask

A strategic, practical method to speak up for yourself and ask questions with confidence.

Compelling Business Writing

The foundation for writing with clarity, interest, and cohesion.

Pitching to Drive Sales

A flexible yet consistent framework that drives audiences to buy.

Interactive Lectures
1:1 Coaching
Role Playing

Customization Available
In-person or Virtual

Pivotal Twist facilitated three interactive workshops that were downright terrific. My team was talking about it well after it was over. And now I see them putting it into practice. Major goals achieved!

— Hillary Carpio, Sr. Director, ABM, Snowflake

Ready for your pivotal twist?

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