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Our Story

Pivotal Twist was born in a meadow with thousands of visionaries singing songs of welcome celebration.


At least, that’s how it feels.


See, there’s an issue in the marketplace. With so much competition for attention (and trust, and money), it feels impossible to get noticed. Let alone make an impact.

Thought leaders with important messages can drown in the sea of choices available to everyone, anywhere, all the time.


But what if you had the benefit of something magic?


Something that hooks into your story and makes it surprising, captivating, and marvelous.

Something that sets you apart. That people can’t wait to share.

Something different and delightful.

Something extraordinary that makes a crucial difference in your success.


That’s a pivotal twist. And that’s why we exist.


We make your story remarkable and integrate it through your speaking, brand, and content.

Why Us?

We have a history of making Wow out of whole cloth.


We had to.


As young writer/director/performers, there was endless theatrical competition in New York City. So we created work that was provocative and bedazzling. That got people talking, critics reviewing, and tickets selling while our fan base grew.

For the last 15 years, we applied those tactics to business — combining the most riveting aspects of storytelling with the most effective forms of professional communication to get the best results.


Sean Perlmutter

Sean Perlmutter


I’ve had a reverence for the remarkable for as long as I can remember. As a young man, I brought that sensibility to acting, writing, and filmmaking. And I quickly learned that zagging while others zig thrills audiences and keeps them wanting more.

Since 2000, I’ve applied that sensibility to my work as a brand strategist and marketing writer. I helped clients like Disney Consumer Products, Centex Homes, and Xperi tell compelling stories that engage and delight.

I’ve danced with the devil. But each time he got embarassed and ditched me. #CrazySteps

Henry Caplan

Henry Caplan


I have been a certified speaker & leadership coach for 15 years. Using my system, The Pivotal Steps, I help speakers identify, embrace, and expand their big ideas for maximum impact. My clients include Credit Suisse, Pernot Ricard USA, Dell, and KPMG.

I got my start in acting, directing, and filmmaking after graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. And I continue to apply many of the techniques from this realm to business, speaking, and leadership.

My first job at ten years old was magician at birthday parties and I haven’t given up on my dream of spontaneous levitation. I’m sure 2019 will be my year!

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