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Our Team

Our focus is squarely on your people. With storytelling as the lens. And everyone in our organization personifies that mission.

All our team members have served corporate clients for years. And everyone applies storytelling to make positive change in effective, enduring ways.

Henry Caplan, Partner

I have been a certified coach for 20 years, serving clients like Credit Suisse, Pernot Ricard USA, Dell, and KPMG. I love working with leaders to identify, embrace, and expand their big ideas for maximum impact. It’s equally rewarding to help team members improve their skillset and reach greater potential. Aligning them all in a thriving culture is *chef kiss*.

I got my start in acting, directing, and filmmaking after graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. And I continue to apply that experience to my work today.

My first job at ten years old was magician at birthday parties and I haven’t given up on my dream of spontaneous levitation. I’m sure this will be my year!

Sean Perlmutter, Partner

Call it extreme curiosity or ants-in-the-pants, I’ve been drawn to stories of change for as long as I can remember.

As a young graduate from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, it inspired my work on stage and in film. Since 2000, it’s driven coaching, consulting, and creative for clients like Disney Consumer Products, Wynn Resorts, and Centex Homes.

My first sentence was, “I’ll try it myself.” Eternal discovery mode was turned on early. #PursueTheNew

Olivia Honegger, Director of Programs

I specialize in creating meaningful experiences that help employees connect with their organization’s mission, its leadership, and their fellow colleagues. I was the Employee Experience Lead at Bridgewater Associates for over a decade, tasked with the responsibility of “caring for the souls of the people”.

In my past life I was a director and producer in the theatre having worked on Broadway, the National Theatre of London and many regional theaters across America.

In my free time I create videos of my German Shepherd singing the National Anthem.

Beth Meyer, Event Manager

Since 2010, I have been an events & programming manager with demonstrated success in the corporate sector. As the Head of Events and Programming for Bridgewater Associates, I oversaw social, business, and enrichment events, as well as programming operations firm-wide.

I am a true “jack of all trades”, typically producing 85+ events per year, ranging from 3000+ social events to business gatherings, executive conferences, retreats, and travel.

I am an adoptive parent and avid Disney enthusiast who adores pixie dust.


Stacee Mandeville

Since 1999, I have worked internationally as a coach, trainer, and facilitator specializing in soft skills. I’ve served clients in myriad industries, from startups to Fortune 500s, including Business France, Pfizer, GE, and Citigroup. Communication skills, emotional intelligence, and personal influence are my passion. Ask me about swing dancing, singing jazz, and my 4 ridiculous cats.

Jay Rhoderick

I have been coaching groups and individuals for over 20 years, with clients like Pfizer and AMEX. My approach encourages expressive and clear communication, building charismatic presence, and flexible spontaneity through the power of improvisation. I graduated from Swarthmore College. “Yes, and” I am an ex-faculty member of Second City Theatre.

Allison Moody

I am a Designated Linklater Teacher with two decades of experience as a teacher and coach. I specialize in vocal presence, articulation, accent modification, and emotional intelligence. I am really passionate about authentic human connection and Kansas City BBQ.

Charlie Schroeder

I’ve been a trainer, coach, and role player since 1997, drawing on my two other professional backgrounds: acting and journalism. Clients include JPMC, HSBC, Human Rights Watch, and Harvard Business School. As an actor, I have worked in film, theatre, and TV, appearing in “Sex and the City” and “Thirteen Conversations about One Thing.”

Scott Wigley

I create the structure and space to help clients understand themselves and connect with others. I’ve been called energetic, warm and curious, and I live for “aha” moments. I am a proud dog-dad, mixologist, husband, and gardener.

Jen Logue

With two decades of experience as an executive coach, consultant, business owner, and public speaker, I believe that healthy business relationships are the key to success. I am also a singer/musician for a jug band and I love snuggling with my Shih Tzu, Hazelnut.

Rez Kempton

For 15 years, I’ve helped C-suite and senior managers with leadership and executive coaching at some of the largest companies in the world. I’ve served clients in the pharmaceutical industry as well as banking, law, and manufacturing. I believe real communication comes from relationships. Since moving to LA, I’ve become an acai bowl connoisseur.

Andrew Fallaize

A coach and facilitator for 17 years, I help professionals show up as their best self and forge ahead with curiosity. My focus includes communication, impact, and feedback. I am also an actor and audiobook narrator. I graduated from Cambridge University where I learned the art of smells and bangs (aka chemistry).

Wendy Bagger

I have been a communication skills coach and a recovering perfectionist for 13 years. My mission: to empower people with the skills to stay present while communicating. One of my favorite things is watching toddlers walk around with zero self-consciousness about falling on their faces. Leaves me in awe.

Adam Bradley

For 15 years, I’ve helped executives at global companies like Microsoft, Marsh & McLennan, TD Bank, and CN Rail be clear, concise, and compelling every time they speak. Passionate about storytelling, I love helping connect personal experiences to professional communication. I became an actor by mistake.

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