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How we work

For us, people take center stage. We focus on the human side of business. Through the lens of story.

As former theatre artists, we know how vital it is to keep people engaged. So variety, playfulness, and emotional dynamics are built in to our work.

Five Rules of Engagement

  • Be interactive and compelling
  • Energize the experience
  • Inspire people to grow and stretch
  • Embed practical tools, strategies, and techniques
  • Address challenges directly to make the best impact


We are only interested in high quality work that impacts your fortune. So you always get an assessment in terms of quantity and quality.

1. Typical engagements begin with surveys and interviews for a baseline perspective.
2. We note challenges and achievements during our work.
3. We conclude with surveys and interviews to reflect the improvements.
4. We summarize your growth in a final report.

Examples of ROI data you can expect
– Level of engagement
– Degree of improvement
– Change in feelings/attitudes
– Familiarity with new tools and techniques

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