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Hone your approach

Role playing gives you indispensable practice with feedback that sharpens your delivery.

Try out your ideas in a safe environment with actor/coaches who create real-world situations.

No acting required. You just need to be yourself.

Scenario Design

We work with you to create realistic situations for valuable practice.

Psychological Safety

Get explicit rules and supportive guidance in a pressure-free environment.

Role Play

Practice your approach with feedback from peers and insight from the coach.


Get post-event responses alongside engagement and improvement analysis.

Possible Scenarios

  • Delivering bad news
  • Performance management
  • Influencing people with different communication styles
  • Communicating through cultural differences
  • Customer service

Henry, Sean, and the Pivotal Twist team have such a special way of connecting. It’s fun. It’s safe. It’s also challenging which, ultimately, brought great results. If you get the chance to work with them, I’d take it.

— Teresa Lodato, Founder, Becoming Aware

Ready for your pivotal twist?

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